Luxury properties in the North of Tenerife

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With us you will find luxury properties in prime locations - "Puntillo del Sol" or "Vista Paraiso". There are no better and sun safe locations in the north of Tenerife.

On our website you may only find our premium items. For confidentiality reasons, not all objects are presented. Please contact us, describe your ideas and we will prepare your individual Exposés.

Irrespective of the worldwide financial situation, in Tenerife now a generational change takes place. Thus arise excellent, good ways to buy a luxury property, partly directly in 1st line on the Atlantic Ocean.

Luxury villa in a dream location

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Luxurious Tower Villa

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Luxury villa on the cliff

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In case you’re interested in buying a property from Tenerife Diamant, it would certainly be in your interest to have a viewing prior to purchase. Chose from the variety of holiday rentals in Tenerife for being on site for a couple of days and getting to know the environment.